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The Individual Learning Plan - A Career Planning Tool for Students

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The Wisconsin Comprehensive School Counseling Model (WCSCM)

The WCSCM was released by the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) in Spring of 2008. The model is designed to provide all students with opportunities to develo0p to their fullest potential.


Underlying principles of WCSCM  include:

¨        Curriculum is developed and delivered by counselors, faculty, and community;

¨        Curriculum is standards based and competency driven;

¨        Parents are actively involved in student academic/career conferences;

¨       The community helps deliver services through partnerships between the school, business, and industry;

¨        Counselors’ time is calendared among the four components of a comprehensive school counseling program:

·         Curriculum,

·         Individual Planning,

·         Responsive Services,

·         System Support


"The Wisconsin Comprehensive School Counseling Model : Resource and Planning Guide" can be ordered through the DPI publications department. The model can also be found on the DPI website under Comprehensive School Counseling Services: http://dpi.wi.gov/sspw/counsl1.html

The following power points will help provide an overview of the componets integrated into the WCSCM:

Overview WCSCM.pp.ppt   

Counseling and Career Development.pp.ppt


The Individualized Learning Plan (ILP)  is a component of the WCSCM. It is to be started with students no later than the 8th grade and should be systematically revised and  reviewed through the 12th grade. The purpose of the ILP is to provide students in grades 8 - 12 with structured opportunities to:

§  Investigate the inter-relationship of their educational achievements,

§  Define their life goals,

§  Engage in career planning, training and placement,

§  Evaluate the present job market and analyze future trends

§  Propose career options based on their Individual Learning Plan.


The ILP is more than a "portfolio". It combines instruction, career development, conferencing, and career clusters/programs of study with the development of the portfolio. As a district develops the ILP, the following handbook may offer valuable suggestions (customize the handbook to be used by your school):Individualized Learning Plan Handbook.doc


The following PowerPoint will provide the reader with more information on the Wisconsin Comprehensive School Counseling Model and on the components suggested to be included in the development of a Individualized Learning Plan: WCSCM and Individual Learning Plans.pp.ppt

A nice way to explain the "Individualized Learning Plan" is to use the following PowerPoint developed by Christopher East, WISCareers: ILP. Prepare for the Journey.ppt

If you are developing a e-portfolio with the ILP, this PowerPoint describes the components in WISCareers that assist the student with this task:  Developing the ILP using WISCareers.ppt

An interesting website for ideas related to e-portfolios and student reflection may be found at  http://electronicportfolios.com/


Special Education Transitioning Strategies:

To assist students with disabilities transition from secondary to post-secondary school, the WI DPI offers many resources and suggestions:  http://dpi.state.wi.us/sped/transition.html

The WI DPI publication, Opening Doors to Post-secondary Education & Training is a great planning tool. 


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